have agood journey with us

Our Mission

We want to people go with us and our member gives you alot of information in which you go with different places likes northern areas ,southern areas ,over all pakistan.
We start our company for trips purpose inwhich we give you a lot of things like hotel rents, or car fuel and two breakfasts,two dinners.
We have different packages like 
  • 1- One weeks
  • 2-Two weeks 
  • 3-Months also.
Now we are starting a new trips on different days but more them four days.
InshaAllah you will enjoy with us and you will remember this trip forever.
We deal all over Pakistan and very reasonable prices 

Extraordinary Experiences

We have alots of experiences and we will inform you that.whatever palces is we have alot of people inwhich if you where in danger , they will save you. our team member will go with you and we will provide you jeeb to go on tracks where cars are not going in height.  

We have to our target and we have a great team member, alots of cars inwhich people go to the trip. we have well train drivers.

Our Core Values

We have reqirement and we want document of yours likes CINIC or phone number. you will pay before the  trips but at least one before. every person like us a family.

We deals with  a family trips or boys trips or girls trips and boys or girls both together are also go with us.

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